3 Reasons Why Speakers Need a High-Quality Video

Seeing is believing. Show and tell. Familiar sayings that simply means skeptical minds need physical or concrete evidence to convince them. The same could be said for the professional speaker. You can talk about how great your presentation skills are or you can show a skeptical prospective client how good your skills are.

According to Caroline Golum’s article, “Why a Live Video Strategy is a Must-Have for Marketers”, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read the same information. If seeing is believing, feast your eyes on these three reasons why speakers need a video.

1. Be a showoff!

Put your presentation skills on full display and show prospective event bookers that you have what it takes to deliver a compelling speech that will leave the audience captivated. Video is your friend and your calling card.

Having a professional, glossy video helps you to cut through the clutter and get noticed in a competitive landscape. Corporate-sponsored events want to know that their presentation dollars are spent on a speaker who can deliver a ‘wow’ factor so they actively seek out candidates who have videos of their work. Don’t get left out!

To get the biggest bang and leave an Everest sized impression, tape in front of an audience. You can edit the footage later either yourself or with a professional editor. For an even better outcome, work with a videographer who specializes in live events.

2. Demonstrate value

A video speaks volumes to your expertise and quality. Prospective event planners will want to see you in a clear, neatly edited, and straightforward piece. Compile a video reel filled with an assortment of your previous work.  To begin, take 2-3 minutes to showcase any live presentations. Use the rest of the time to include any books you’ve written, testimonials, or media interviews.

If you are using a TEDx style format, keep it to around 18 minutes. When taping a corporate presentation, you may have a much longer time slot to fill. That’s okay. Tape the entire presentation and use it in multiple ways through clever editing. If you have a professional videographer, they could also edit the footage according to your needs and your budget.

3. Brand building

The exciting part about having a video is that this medium is perfect for creating targeted brand messages. Create one minute or two-minute segments that touch on key ideas in your presentation and pepper those videos throughout your social media feed. Track any metrics for the videos such as likes, shares, and comments. Use these video vignettes to understand what part of your message resonates with your audience. Like a virtual focus group, you can test portions of your message with a virtual audience and adjust for a live audience based on interaction from your social media followers.

Just as you outline your presentations, outline what kind of atmosphere you want to project in the video. Is your brand upbeat or is it serious? Set the tone through background music and let your brand speak for itself. Your audience is more likely to watch content more often. Videos expand your name recognition and your message making your content more likely to be shared. So, prepare, be personable, and get ready for your close up!

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Kristen White is an award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and entrepreneurial media expert. Her media credits included the award-winning film Shamanic Trekker, Journey to the Source and Mandala, a new series featuring best-selling authors in spirituality and wellness, both are available on Amazon Prime.

Kristen is the CEO of White Media Agency who provides online business marketing and development entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses in the wellness and personal development marketplace.

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kristen White Media



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