Get Your Book in the News

How to Get Your Book in the News

Breaking news is a common occurrence in today’s fast paced world. Here are a few tips for taking advantage of this situation to showcase your expertise:

Watch the news and react accordingly

Keep an eye out for news stories that develop around your area of expertise, a book you’ve written, or public speaking engagement topic. Having the required background and depth of knowledge on the topic is helpful when responding to a current event.

Know who to contact

Even when you are the expert on a newsworthy story, that doesn’t mean much if you don’t who to contact when that breaking event occurs. Compile a list of editors, producers and personalities in all areas of media including television, newspaper, radio and blogs. As soon as your topic becomes relevant, give them a call, email or text to let them know you are available.

Have a bio ready

The best way to let the media know who you are and your background is to have your bio ready to send. Most will ask for some sort of description regarding your experience and education. Develop a brief bio, and a longer version, to submit when you contact the media.

Being a part of the breaking news cycle is an important opportunity to showcase your knowledge and garner good publicity if done right. Your chance for the spotlight is right around the corner!

To learn more about marketing your book, schedule a Discovery Session with me.

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