How to Make Your Book Sell

How to Make Your Book Sell

Most authors want to get their book noticed.  They certainly didn’t take the time and effort to put pen to paper only to hide it away!  We all know it’s one thing to write and publish a book.  But it doesn’t stop there. The next big challenge is to get the public to pay attention to it.  What can you do to get your book out there?


Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your accomplishment.  You may have someone in your circle of influence that has a connection to a TV personality or magazine editor.  Finding the right contact in the media who can steer you on the path to publicity for the book is key.  Great resources are those who work at advertising agencies or graphic design houses.  They may be doing creative work for media so mine those resources for names and contact information.


Do your homework on the book critics or arts and entertainment editors in your area and beyond; those are the folks who could be interested in your book.  Follow their columns or broadcasts to see what they review and what type of reviews they do.  This will provide insight into what they like or don’t like and how you should approach them with your book.

Social Media

Follow and engage potential media on social media.  This does not mean tweet them about your book.  However, you can ask questions about a recent review or what kind of books they like to read.  It will give you a glimpse into how they think and what is important to them.  This will be helpful when you develop your pitch to them.

Trade & Business Publications

If your book focuses on a business or industry, contact the trade and business publications with a press release to announce your book.  These types of publications could be interested simply because the book falls within the normal subject matter that they cover on a consistent basis.

Media Lists

Compile a list of media from all segments including television and print as well as digital, blogs and vloggers.  There are influential mediums within every area of media these days that could be the tipping point in getting your book noticed.

You’ve done the hard work of writing a book and now it’s time to let everyone know about it. Take charge and start the rest of the journey by reaching out to the media and call upon them to tell your story!

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