What Can You Gain from Public Speaking Engagements_

What Can You Gain from Public Speaking Engagements?

Can public speaking engagements be a good opportunity or more trouble than it’s worth?

Being invited to speak to a room full of eager listeners is a great opportunity to get your message out. Use these moments to differentiate yourself from others in your field. Public speaking can:

  • Establish you as an expert and authority

With a captive audience right in front of you, there is ample time to discuss who you are, why you are an authority and share anecdotes that show your skill in action. This is also a time to let the audience know you, as well as understand them. Be eager to share information that they can use to impact their current situation.

  • Free publicity

Generally, when you are asked to speak, the event will provide the marketing and public relations outreach. They will share your bio (have one ready!), any web links or blogs with the potential audience so they can learn more about you. This is an easy win for the speaker. The audience has been given permission to accept you as an authority because you are the speaker.

  • Opportunity to connect

After a speaking engagement, you may be asked to stay and talk with audience members one on one or at a reception or informal session. Take this chance to shake hands and answer questions. This is an excellent time to give out business cards if asked and give that final personal touch to your presentation.

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