3 Ways to Extend Your Legacy into Your Next Passion Project

3 Ways to Extend Your Legacy into Your Next Passion Project

Starting your second act after a fulfilling career can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Maybe you’ve reached retirement age but playing golf all day doesn’t appeal to you. Maybe you’ve done well in an industry that allows you the ability to be financially secure at a younger age and you are ready for a new challenge.

How can you parlay your legacy into a new passion? How do you repackage the lessons you’ve learned throughout your career for a new adventure? The foundations of your success can be utilized to build on your future aspirations. Here are three ways to extend your legacy into your next passion project.


You’ve amassed a contingent of professionals and business contacts over your career. Put that network to use by consulting. Your experience is your calling card. As a proven subject matter expert in your field, you can parlay that background into an industry-specific service working with clients on strategy, planning, and problem-solving, and helping clients develop business skills and knowledge. These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. The sky’s the limit!

Professionals and businesses alike who need a jumpstart to the next level could certainly benefit from your wisdom. Sharing the secrets to your winning formula as a business leader is a logical step towards constructing your legacy.

Public Speaking

Seek out the professional organizations you belonged to or that are prominent in your industry and begin a public speaking career to extend your legacy. You are a cherished member of your professional industry so reaching out to speak at the next conference or monthly meeting is a no brainer especially if you are still a member of an organization. Public speaking strengthens your reputation, enhances your personal brand, and gives you an opportunity to build your legacy in front of a captive audience.

Career Coaching

Facilitate the next career move of an up and coming professional as a career coach. Career coaching is an opportunity to help others make smart, strategic decisions whether they are a student starting their first job, a mid-career manager seeking promotion opportunities, or a seasoned executive ready for their own professional exit. Regardless of what career stage someone is in, they can always benefit from a career coach.

Retirement is not the end of the road for most of us. And the most successful individuals shouldn’t keep their amazing secrets to success, well, a secret! Your legacy can flourish and thrive by taking a few steps to ensure you give it room to grow.

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3 Ways to Extend Your Legacy into Your Next Passion Project

Kristen White is a Content Catalyst and Powerful Interviewer. She can quickly add the crisp clarity, magic dust and unique brand elements to any message, book, product or campaign. 

Through her award-winning interview skills, Kristen will excavate and synthesize a personal story and legacy into a magnetic brand and content strategy. Her strong intuitive insight, journalistic training and versatile wordsmithing, offer clients a wellspring of fingerprint language options to apply to all levels of their written, spoken and video communication. Kristen is a bestselling author, award-winning documentary film director and cast member, television series creator/writer, and television on-camera journalist. As the CEO of White Media Agency, a digital media and marketing company, Kristen supports clients with unique personal brand development, speech writing and performance, book concepts, titles, outlines and marketing, and online business consulting.

Rock the Stage, INC, offers professional video production for authors, speakers and coaches with a variety of speaking topics.  The company also offers speechwriting, broadcast-quality lifestyle video interviews and fast-track book publishing via an on-camera interview.

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